RPG Night! - March

RPG Night! - March

Join us for our first RPG Night at Pomona Cider Co!

If you're interested in RPGs at any level, join us for this Meet & Greet event and learn what RPG Night is all about.

Whether you want to lead a one-shot, learn how to DM, dip your toes into the RPG world, or play - RPG night will be all of those things for you. This first event will be more of a meet & greet to learn who can lead games, who wants to play, etc. If you're interested in a particular style of RPG, we'll see if someone can lead it. You will also meet folks you might like to play with.

No need to prep anything for this first event. Future RPG Nights will host one-shots, DM info sessions, and more!

This event is FREE - just bring yourself out and we'll take care of the rest.