Elevator Speech Description
We are experienced creators of VIP-style events inspired by fandoms and themes ranging from cosplay to sci-fi to fantasy. Come get awkward with us.

All the Deets

We host VIP level geek-themed events in and around SE Wisconsin. We're known for the large scale Yule Ball event we hosted annually for 5 years.

Our events are geared toward adults - because you should never have to outgrow your desire to play and celebrate the things you love! We seek out unique spaces and put a lot of effort into the details so each event is a customized one of a kind experience.

It is a priority for us to create spaces for guests to feel comfortable and safe being themselves. We work with venues that are ADA compliant - let us know if you need special accommodations. For every event, we offer delicious cocktail as well as fancy mocktail options. Need an ASL interpreter? We got you - send us a message and we'll take care of it. Your positive experience is our priority.

Annual events include:

  • A large, themed Ball each January (currently The Goblin King Masquerade Ball)
  • Faire Folk Spring Revel (a Ren Faire themed soiree)
  • Made In Nerdwaukee - local makers event of exclusively geeky goods
  • The Awkward Nerd Book Fair - just like the book fair from the 90s, but for grownup nerds!

Check out the Past Events tab for some of the other events we've hosted. Visit our FB page here to see photo albums from our events.

We believe: Love is Love, BIPOC Lives Matter, No Human is Illegal, Human Rights are for Everyone.

Your Host

Lisa has an eclectic background of experience that includes art, theater, book publishing, and public relations. That combination of skills enable her to host thoughtful, detailed events that immerse guests in fantastical worlds.

She carefully curates every element - from marketing, to decor, and even the drink menus. She learns and grows with every event and is always fine tuning to ensure guests have the best experience possible.

Her visions are brought to life by a trusted support group of talented and passionate volunteers, affectionately known as The Nerd Herd.