Collection: GKMB 2024 MERCH!

It's finally happening! We're offering exclusive merch for the Goblin King Masquerade Ball.

We worked with Insect Hobby Design Co. to develop designs that spoke to use as awkward nerds and highlighted the things we love about this film and event.

 These items are Pre-Order ONLY. We're new to offering merch and want to tread carefully because it's expensive and we don't want to get in over our heads. Orders must be picked up at the Goblin King Masquerade Ball (Jan. 12 & 13) - we do not have the infrastructure and/or materials to manage shipping at this time. 

Once these designs are gone, they're gone. Please bear with as we learn the best ways to get these exclusive goodies into your hands!

Orders MUST be picked up at the Goblin King Masquerade Ball (Jan. 12 & 13). We will not ship items. All sales are final as this is a Pre-Order! We purchase items based on your orders and are not able to get that money back once the order is in.

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